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There are two kinds of death penalties in Age of Aincrad depending on which server-type a player resides in. The current two server types are:

  • Hardcore Server
  • Casual Server

Casual server death penalty:[edit | edit source]

When a character dies on a casual server, all the items and Col that the character is currently holding will be lost (Unless they are preserved at home or in a bank). The character will then re-spawn.

  • A character can die an infinite number of times.

Hardcore server death penalty:[edit | edit source]

On the hardcore server a character will have 3 green dots on its life bar, each dot will represent one life. This means that a character can die 3 times and re-spawn. If a character dies for the fourth time; all its data will be deleted from the database and the player is forced to start all over again. The character's name is reserved for the next 24 hours (he/she will also still remain in his current guild until the time limit is up). If the player fails to retrieve their character's name within the next 24 hours it will be up for grabs by anyone and they will also be removed from the guild the player was in automatically.

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