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Now our plans for Floor 10 itself is a dark - moody type of atmosphere, we are using the mood board we compiled from other games, animes and concept arts. (We don't own any of the pictures found in the mood board, we only use them for reference to our atmosphere and level mood).


Now that you get the general idea of what look we are going for, we are going to introduce the floor layout. Now in the anime, floor 1 is 20km in diameter, and floor 100 is 1km, we calculated that floor 10 should be 18.5 km in size. The deal is that it's too big in size and file size itself, so we decided to cut down the terrain size by 50%, thus the level will be 9.25km in radius.

This is the perfect size. As it's not too small to prevent the players from adventuring, and not too large to make the game seem boring and repetitive; like always having long walks through seemingly endless fields. This is the layout we are following:


First thing you probably think is "HEY! THIS AIN'T CIRCULAR!" - and you are probably right, but worry not! The levels WILL be circular, the Floor Plans were just made cubical to make it easier for the concept artists to add detail. Anyway, after about a week of work, we sculpted up this terrain in Unity, gave it some erosive and fluvial features (for the looks), and scaled it appropriately:


After this, we started adding the lighting and texturing to parts in the terrain, the part we are currently working on is the wasteland, (You can see the terrain layout in the second picture). The wasteland will be positioned here:


Following the mood and atmosphere previously showed, we roughed up this scene:


Now first thing you think "THIS IS NOT CELL-SHADED!" - and once again, you are right. We had some problems with cell-shading in Unity, but its almost fixed and we will have an anime looking level! Arry helped us out with some sketching and our final product will look similar to this:


We hope you enjoyed this update, and we will bring you more really soon!

- The Level Designers from AoA.

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