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Weapons are one-handed or two-handed equitable damage dealing items. The one-handed weapons may be used with shields to increase the player's defensive capabilities, and two-handed weapons have much bigger damage dealing capabilities. Due to Age of Aincrad being a Melee-focused MMORPG, with the presence of magic and ranged weapons missing from the game, we are compensating them with a wide variety of melee weapons. Balanced - each weapon type will have it's own area of specialization and will also have an assortment of skills assigned to it.

Information on weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Most skills will be focused on weapon usage.
  • One-handed weapons will have different skills than two-handed weapons.
  • Weapons will have skill level requirements, so a low level player won't be able to use a high level weapon.
  • Weapon users will play a major role in every boss fight, as without their help players who are using only shields may be too weak to deal enough damage to a boss before they get killed.

Weapon types[edit | edit source]

  • One-handed swords: Straight Short Swords, Curved Short Swords, Long Swords (Straight and Curved), Katana, Rapier
  • Two-handed swords: Greatswords, Straight and Curved Two-handed swords, Straight and Curved One and a Half-handed swords.
  • Pole arms: Spears, Staffs, Polearms with Spikes, Blades and Hammers.
  • Fist weapons: Claws - Fists, Gauntlets, Battlefans, Push daggers, Katars.
  • Axes: Battleaxe, Broad-axe, Tomahawk.
  • Knives and Daggers: Sickles, Kris, Dagger, Kukri, Sai, Karambit.
  • Trauma weapons: Clubs, Morning Star, War-hammer, Flail, Mace.
  • Other: Scythe.
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